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95 (59)
Damien & Lucifer vs. Surf's Up
"Mad Man" Kevin E. vs. Cain the Executioner (time-limit draw)
Midnight Madness update
Viewer's Request: Shane Simons vs. Maniacal Mark (from show 62)
The Agent vs. Shane Simons

96 (60)
Stalker vs. Jay A. (non-title)
B.J. Sowatt vs. Million Dollar Dan
High Roller vs. "Bandit" Jay Banville
Midnight Madness update
The Bean vs. Mr. All-Star
Mayhem vs. "Mammoth" Carlos Polanco
Interview: Jay A.

97 (61)
Ramses the Great vs. Cain the Executioner
Gold Finger & Harley Gold vs. SWAT Team
Midnight Madness update with interviews from Maniacal Mark, Amazin' Jay,
    The Caddy, Jay A., "Mammoth" Carlos Polanco, Stalker & Mr. All-Star,
    Deadly Alliance and SWAT Team
Jay A. vs. Stalker
Midnight Madness preview music video

98 (61A)
Midnight Madness 1993
Six-man elimination tag team match:
    "Bandit" Jay Banville, Black Out & Mayhem vs. Mr. All-Star, Stalker & Crypt Keeper
Cain the Executioner vs. Doc
Jay A. vs. "Mammoth" Carlos Polanco (via DQ)
The Caddy vs. Million Dollar Dan
Deadly Alliance vs. SWAT Team
Maniacal Mark vs. Amazin' Jay (1st BOSS match)

99 (62)
Masked Ninjas vs. Deadly Alliance
Scott Z. Show: guest - Maniacal Mark
Midnight Madness main event highlights
Jugmanos #1 & #2 vs. Lightning Express
The Caddy & Jay A. vs. SWAT Team
Interview: Deadly Alliance

100 (63) Summery of 100 shows
Flame vs. Cain the Executioner
Scott Z. Show:  Guest - Amazin' Jay
Sexy Flesh Machine vs. Mayhem
Midnight Madness replay notice
Deadly Alliance vs. SWAT Team (via DQ)

101 (64)
Jones Boy & Nok-Su-Kow vs. Lightning Express
Moon Guy vs. Jay A.
Canadian Kilted Yaksman vs. Mayhem (via DQ)
Maniacal Mark vs. Amazin' Jay (2nd BOSS match)
Pro Wrestling Talk commercial

102 (65)
Black Out vs. Nok-Su-Kow
Homeless Avenger & Arnie Payne vs. SWAT Team
Highlights of 1st and 2nd match of the BOSS
Maniacal Mark vs. Amazin' Jay (3rd BOSS match)
Highlights from PWT show with Maniacal Mark, Tracy Michaels, The Rose & Mayhem

103 (66)
Dr. Pain vs. Cain the Executioner
Scott Z. Show: Guest - Jay A.
Arnie Payne vs. Damien
B.L. McGee vs. Million Dollar Dan
Highlights from SWAT Team's trip to WALE Radio
Jay A. vs. "Mammoth" Carlos Polanco (double count-out)