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Interview: Maniacal Mark and the forming of R&M Enterprises
Maniacal Mark & Shadow Warrior vs. Autoparts Dealer & Sonny 9-Ball
Panther Man vs. "Fighter" Joe O.
"Storm Front" - guests: Scott Z. & Joe Branco
Masked Ninjas vs. Jugmanos #2 & #5
Storm Kelly vs. "Ruthless" Ryan Amaral

Crazy Bros. vs. Darkside
Flaming Torch vs. Shadow Warrior
"Storm Front" - guests: Maniacal Mark, Shadow Warrior, Tracy Michaels & Scott Z.
Maniacal Mark vs. "Fighter" Joe O.
Joe Branco & "Ruthless" Ryan Amaral vs. Scott Z. & Storm Kelly
Update on Brutal Bob's condition (hospital scenes)

"Brutal" Bob Evans interview
(rest of show missing)

"Fighter" Joe O. vs. Shadow Warrior via Storm Kelly interference (2 of 3 falls)
  note: Storm Kelly declared winner after pinning Joe O. for 3rd fall.
Clips:  "Brutal" Bob Evans and Maniacal Mark feud
Interview: "Brutal" Bob Evans
Interview: Storm Kelly with R&M Enterprises

Flavor & Easter Egg vs. Maniacal Mark & Scott Z.
"Storm Front" - guests: R&M Enterprises
Rodney's Redbarrel & the Eliminator vs. Lightning Express
Interview: Jugmanos #3, #8 & pi
Jugmanos #3, #8 & pi vs. Darkside
Interview: PLW Commissioner Pinky Johnson
Interview: Shadow Warrior
Interview: An unknown wrestler
Shadow Warrior vs. "Brutal" Bob Evans

"Storm Front"
- guests: Darkside and Lightning Express
Battle Royal - winner: "Fighter" Joe O.
Scott Z. vs. Storm Kelly
Interview: PLW Commissioner Pinky Johnson

Clips: Maniacal Mark and "Brutal" Bob Evans feud
The Squash vs. "Brutal" Bob Evans
"Storm Front" - Maniacal Mark challenges Brutal Bob to a chain match
Clips: "Fighter" Joe O. vs. Shadow Warrior/Storm Kelly match
"Fighter" Joe O. vs. Storm Kelly
Interview: PLW Commissioner Pinky Johnson

Scott Z. vs. "Ruthless" Ryan Amaral
Interview: "Brutal" Bob Evans
Interview: Maniacal Mark
Chain Match: Maniacal Mark vs. "Brutal" Bob Evans

First round of eight man tournament for World Title
"Fighter" Joe O. vs. "Brutal" Bob Evans
Interview: Shadow Warrior
Interview: Eliminator
Elimintator vs. Shadow Warrior
Maniacal Mark vs. "Ruthless" Ryan Amaral
Charlemagne vs. Scott Z.

Masked Ninjas vs. Lightning Express
Autoparts Dealer & Renegade Rancher vs. Darkside
Second round of tournament
  Shadow Warrior vs. "Brutal" Bob Evans
  "Ruthless" Ryan Amaral vs.Scott Z.