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Doc vs. Charlemagne
Shadow Warrior vs. "Fighter" Joe O. (time-limit draw)
Interview: Lightning Express vs. Darkside
Final round of tournament
  "Ruthless" Ryan Amaral vs. "Brutal" Bob Evans

Masked Ninjas vs. Scott Z. & Shadow Warrior (Scott Z. injured, doesn't wrestle)
"Brutal" Bob Evans interviews "Ruthless" Ryan Amaral
Sonny 9-Ball vs. Eliminator
Maniacal Mark vs. "Fighter" Joe O. (via DQ)

Interview: Maniacal Mark and Tracy Michaels
Eliminator vs. Charlemagne
The Puzzler vs. Shawn Williams
Jugmanos #5 & #8 vs. Lightning Express
Brian Flynn vs. Shadow Warrior (time-limit draw)
"Ruthless" Ryan Amaral vs. The Wrestler

"Fighter" Joe O. vs. Scott Z. (Shadow Warrior takes Scott's place)
Bob Evans interviews Storm Kelly, Shadow Warrior, Brian Flynn and Shawn Williams
Flashback: The Wrestler's victory
Interview: The Wrestler (a.k.a. Bob Evans), Pinky Johnson strips title from Evans
"Ruthless" Ryan Amaral vs. "Brutal" Bob Evans (via DQ)

Brian Flynn & Shadow Warrior vs. Lightning Express
Nanuk of the North vs. Darkhawk
Lightning Express challenges Storm Kelly and Flynn & Warrior to rematch
"Fighter" Joe O. vs. Maniacal Mark (double count-out)

Maniacal Mark vs. Eliminator
Power-Fest 92 Update
"Brutal" Bob Evans & "Fighter" Joe O. vs. Lightning Express (2 of 3 falls)

Power-Fest 92 Preview Show
Eliminator vs. Charlemagne
6-Man Elimination Tag Match: Masked Ninjas & Shadow Warrior
  vs. Lightning Express & Scott Z.  (Order of elimination: Pierre, Shane, Andre, Dutch, 
  Warrior.  Winner: Scott Z.)
"Ruthless" Ryan Amaral & Maniacal Mark vs. "Brutal" Bob Evans & "Fighter" Joe O.

Power-Fest 92 - part 1
Shadow Warrior & Masked Ninjas vs. Lightning Express & Tommy D.
Sonny 9-Ball & Eliminator vs. Scott Z. & Charlemagne
Lumber Jack Match: Maniacal Mark vs. "Fighter" Joe O.

Power-Fest 92 - part 2
Interview: PLW Commissioner Pinky Johnson
World Series Match: "Brutal" Bob Evans vs. "Ruthless" Ryan Amaral
Pinky Johnson announces TnT Tournament

First round of the Trials n' Tribulations Tournament
  Bandit vs. Eliminator
  Good Doctor vs. The Agent
  The Titan vs. Shane Simons
  Masked Ninja Pierre vs. Maniacal Mark
  The Warlock vs. Scott Z.

First round continued
  Ring King vs. Shadow Warrior
  Uncle Stu vs. Blue Thunder
  Jugmano #3 vs. "Fighter" Joe O.
  The Pestilence vs. Masked Ninja Andre (time-limit draw)
  Al Diaz vs. Charlemagne