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Second round of TnT Tournament
  Chain Match: Eliminator vs. "Ruthless" Ryan Amaral
  Texas Death Match: Shane Simons vs. The Agent
  Hurricane Match: Maniacal Mark vs. Scott Z. (time-limit draw)
  Five Count Match: Blue Thunder vs. Shadow Warrior

Final rounds of TnT Tournament
  Lights Out Match: "Ruthless" Ryan Amaral vs. The Agent (draw)
  Street Fight: "Fighter" Joe O. vs. "Brutal" Bob Evans
  2 of 3 falls match: "Fighter" Joe O. vs. Shadow Warrior
Interview: Scott Z.

The Idiot vs. The Agent
Blue Thunder vs. Brian Flynn
"Nacho Man" Sandy Cabbage vs. "Fighter" Joe O.
Jugmanos #3 & #11 vs. Maniacal Mark & Scott Z.
Charlemagne vs. Shadow Warrior

Moon Guy & Captain Canal vs. Lightning Express
Flashback: Tracy Michaels challenges Lightning Express
Eliminator vs. The Agent (via DQ)
Hudson Riverboat Watcher vs. "Ruthless" Ryan Amaral
The Blade vs. "Brutal" Bob Evans
Brian Flynn vs. "Fighter" Joe O.

Charlemagne vs. "Brutal" Bob Evans
Retardo vs. Blue Thunder
Maniacal Mark & Scott Z. vs. Lightning Express
Joe O. vs. Shadow Warrior

Eight man battle royal for #1 contender for European Title
  Participants: Hammer Head, Sonny 9-Ball, Ring King, Jugmanos Flavio & Mario, 
  Masked Ninjas Pierre & Andre, Charlemagne.  Winner: Sonny 9-Ball
"Brutal" Bob Evans & Brian Flynn
vs. The Agent & Joe O. (2 of 3 falls)

37 (1)
Super Lotto Tournament
Dutch Davidson vs. Shadow Warrior
The Agent vs. "Brutal" Bob Evans
Eliminator vs. Maniacal Mark
"Ruthless" Ryan Amaral vs. "Fighter" Joe O.

38 (2)
Lightning Express vs. Maniacal Mark & Scott Z.
Sonny 9-Ball vs. Eliminator
Insane One vs. "Ruthless" Ryan Amaral
Flashback: Bob Evans vs. The Agent
The Agent vs. Joe O.
Interview: The Agent

39 (3)
Jupiter Dog vs. Scott Z.
3 So-Damn Insane vs. "Brutal" Bob Evans
Masked Ninjas vs. Lightning Express
Sexy Flesh Machine vs. Hurricane Harvey
Charlemagne vs. Eliminator

40 (4)
Charlemagne vs. Joe O. (non-title)
The Agent vs. "Brutal" Bob Evans (time-limit draw)
Super Lotto Tournament update
Good Doctor vs. "Ruthless" Ryan Amaral
Lightning Express vs. Maniacal Mark & Scott Z. (time-limit draw)