PLW's Office of Record Keeping presents
"On the Record:  Power-Fest"
a look back at individual and team performances

      Who's had the best luck at Power-Fest?  Who's had the worst luck?  Some of PLW's most successful wrestlers have average win-loss-records at Power-Fest.  And one particular tag team, even with its numerous championships, seems to be cursed.  In this web article we'll discuss just a small sampling of their stories.

Amazin' Jay is one of (if not) the most successful wrestlers in PLW history.  He has captured the Triple Crown by winning all three of PLW's major titles.  But his record in matches at Power-Fest is not as impressive:  four wins and four losses.  That includes victories in two matches at Power-Fest 97: a match against Scott Thomas that ended in a DQ, and being a participant in a 10-man tag team match of who's-who's of New England independent wrestling. It also includes two losses in tag team matches: a six-man tag at Power-Fest 93, and a four corners match at Power-Fest 99.  Jay has headlined three Power-Fests, being in the world championship match in each of them. But two of the matches ended in losses and the third match, at Power-Fest 94, didn't happen because of circumstances beyond his control.  His best Power-Fest match took place in 1998, in his old high school, in his hometown.  Jay defeated long time adversary Scott Thomas for the New England title, completing the triple crown.

Amazin' Jay prior to his match
at Power-Fest 96

Chris Blackheart seems to have a pattern in his Power-Fest matches. As the challenger in a title match at Power-Fest he's batting 1.000.  At Power-Fest 2001, he won a tournament final to become PLW New England champion.  At Power-Fest 2004, in his hometown of Brockton, he and Don Vega defeated E.o.S. to win the tag team titles.  And in 2007 he defeated Jason "the Slasher" to win the heavyweight title. But when he enters the match as the champion he would lose the match. In 2002 he lost the New England title to Johnny Curtis, and at Power-Fest 2006 he and Vega lost the tag titles. And in 2008 he lost to Vega, giving up the heavyweight title. Overall, the business-minded wrestler has won five matches and lost four at Power-Fest.

Chris Blackheart as new PLW champ at Power-Fest 2007

Dr. Heresy has wrestled on every Power-Fest since 1998.  It's the longest streak of consecutive appearances by any current PLW wrestler.  His first Power-Fest was in 1997, but he stayed outside the ring, since he was the clinical advisor to Aristotle and Don Juan de Santo.  Since then, Heresy has competed at every Power-Fest to date, compiling a record of six wins, four losses, and one time-limit draw.  In 1999, he defeated T.J. Richter in a tournament final match to win the PLW New England championship, his first title.  And in 2002, Heresy won the eight man "Pier 8 Brawl" to regain the PLW championship.  At Power-Fest 2006, he tried to "lock up" his third PLW heavyweight title by locking up then-champion Jason "the Slasher" in a closet.  The plan was to keep Jason from wrestling in a fatal four-way match so Heresy would only have to deal with Derik Destiny.  The plan backfired as Jason was able to break free, storm the ring and win the match.

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Then-Commissioner Derek Molhan presents Dr. Heresy with the PLW Championship belt at Power-Fest 2002