Wrestling News, Events, and Tips for Beginners

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Wrestling is one of the most enthralling games with a fantastic following across the globe. If you are a beginner, it is crucial to take a closer look and understand the basics before getting into the ultimate wrestling. Here is everything that you need to know:


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  • Jessika Carr has become a first full-time female referee on SmackDown and Raw.
  • A US wrestling referee, Alan Moloney, who has been accused of telling a wrestler to cut dreadlocks or forfeit a match, has been suspended for two years.
  • Kyle Peisker has managed the fifth position while Ben Sarasin managed a distant seventh at the end of the NCAA Wrestling Championships.
  • Kairi Sane has been pulled out of WWE shows for the remaining part of 2019.
  • Deepak Punia has been named the UWW’s Junior Freestyle Wrestler of the Year 2019.

Wrestling Basics for Beginners

If you are new to wrestling, it is important to start with basics. These are the special techniques that will help you develop the perfect skills for ultimate wrestling. Here are the basics of wrestling that you need to know:

  • How to stand: There are two main standing basics in wrestling. First, you can use the square stance where both feet are planted parallel to each other for even weight distribution. The second method of standing is the staggered stance, where one foot is placed ahead of the other. Then, you learn a little forward so that the lead foot bears more weight compared to the one behind.
  • Penetrating shot: This is one of the most crucial moves in ultimate wrestling because it allows you to penetrate through the opponent’s defense. To achieve this, you start with a staggered stance and then lowering the body towards the wrestling mat. Then, shift the body onto the back foot and move forward using the lead foot, positioning it between the opponent’s feet.

Then, press forward with a lot of force while bending and landing on the front knee. Make sure to try bringing your foot up and positioning it firmly on the wrestling mat as you grab the opponent’s leg.

    • Knowing how to pin: One of the commonly used pinning methods in ultimate wrestling is the half nelson. With your opponent face down on the wrestling mat, half nelson requires you to slide your right arm under his/her left armpit or your left arm under his/her right armpit. Then, immediately place the other hand at the back of his neck while pushing towards the back and restraining him by his hand. Note that this move requires speed.

Ultimate Wrestling Events

If you want to enjoy wrestling more, one of the best methods is following the ultimate wrestling events because they attract some of the best athletes. So which are these events?

  • Olympics wrestling events: Wrestling is one of the major Olympics competitions introduced in the ancient Olympic Games. However, freestyle wrestling and weight classes were introduced into the Olympics in 1904. Notably, women wrestling competitions were introduced from 2004.
  • WWE events: WWE is a professional wrestling promotion that was founded in 1952 by Toots Mondt and Jess McMahon. By 2019 it had become the biggest wrestling promotion in the globe with more than 500 events annually. Note that most WWE shows are entertainment-based and feature scripted storylines and choreographed matches.

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Most Popular Wrestlers of ALL Time

  • Stone Cold Steve Austin: He is considered the most popular wrestler to have ever laced up his pair of boots. Most fans liked the hard-hitting style that made him defeat most of his opponents.
  • Hulk Hogan: In the 1980s, Hulk Hogan became an ultimate wrestling sensation because of his unique styles. From kids to adults, Hogan was a real super-hero who won most matches.
  • Sergei Beloglazov: He made a name for winning the most wrestling medals in the 1980s. This would mark the start of eight successive world level titles except in 1984 when he failed to participate in the Olympics because of boycotts.
  • Yojiro Uetake: This was a Japanese wrestler who managed to defeat four-times World Championship, Huseyin Akbas, to lift the Olympic gold medal in the 1964 Olympics. In the subsequent Olympic held in Mexico City, he suffered a shoulder injury during the competitions but managed to finish second.
  • The Ultimate Warrior: This was one of the top American wrestlers who thrilled fans for his unique style and ability to win in most WWF between 1987 and 1991. He won WWF Intercontinental Heavyweight Championship two times and WWF World Heavyweight once.