Wrestling is a sport in which two people face each other using their hands as a means of contact. Special gloves cover the hands. The initial goal of boxing is to hit the opponent as effectively as possible above the waist or avoid two. It develops within a ring, also known as a ring. The boxing match or fight is supervised by a referee who marks the start and end of the game, and this will consist of three fighting sequences called assaults or rounds., three minutes each (in men). Amateur wrestling differs from professional because fighting is much shorter.

There are different ways to win the match: in amateur boxing, it is usually for more points, awarded by the referee. KO, technical inferiority or abandonment can also earn it. Within the categories of boxing, in which are arranged the boxers and depending on the weight, you have the following (for men): fly light, fly, rooster, feather, lightweight, super lightweight, or junior welters, welters, media, medium-heavy, bulky and super bulky. For women, they are very similar. Usually practiced and learned in a club, one can federate, and there are amateur championships.

On the other hand, there are also variations of this sport with different regulations, such as kickboxing with all its modalities, including full contact.

It is an excellent physical exercise, mobilizes the entire musculature, with multiple health benefits, at the heart and muscle level, and also helps to combat stress, frustration, and strengthen self-esteem. It requires functional physical fitness and proper tactical preparation. The risks are those of any very active exercise and those due to blows or falls.

Beyond all the physical benefits you can gain by practicing wrestling, it is super relevant and useful to learn some self-defense techniques. In this country, you no longer know when the crime is going to knock on your door, you better be a step ahead.

Surely you’ve ever heard this term, either because your friend who’s the most mammy practices it, or because you saw it on TV. Whatever means you found out about, it is important that you know about wrestling and everything that comes with it. Let’s start!

How professional wrestlers feed?

If you want to know what it’s like to love God in Indian land, you have to train MMA. Workouts last between 60 and 90 minutes. You will burn more than a thousand calories and exercise all your little pig: biceps, quadriceps, and triceps.

  • Pre-training

Four hours before training high-performance athletes consume a bible juice and pomegranate juice, which represent a great source of nitrate, in addition to being vasodilators, function as a kind of supplement but natural pump!

  • At the end of the training

This food is fundamental, as the muscle will absorb these nutrients to get formed and take strength. A milk whey protein smoothie with a little cherry juice will be more than enough.

  • Dinner

Obviously not pack 20 tacos de pastor and 2 granges. Protein is the protagonist of your dinner. It is present in the form of roasted chicken, salmon, shrimp, red meat, or even sushi.

It is accompanied by natural garrisons or like a vegetable salad green leaves and broccoli, an energy boom.