WWE (for legal purposes, World Wrestling Entertainment, Inc.) is a wrestling company that owns a series of multimedia elements (mainly television, Internet, and live events) related to the promotion of professional wrestling. Most of their income comes from product licensing, as well as from the distribution of films and music (marketing). Its owner, manager, and executive director Vincent K. McMahon, who owns approximately 70% of the economy of the company, whose shares form part of the New York Stock exchange. Its headquarters are located in Connecticut, with administrative offices in Los Angeles, New York, London, and Toronto. Is the promotion of wrestling largest in the world, being seen in over 150 countries, while their recordings constitute a significant percentage of the visual story full of the wrestling world.8 WWE’s primary industry is professional wrestling.

Professional wrestling is a show with international projection, as it has fans all over the world. One of the companies involved in this form of entertainment is World Wrestling Entertainment, better known by its acronym WWE.

The fighting promoted by this organization is broadcast on live shows and also on television and via the internet. WWE is dedicated to the diffusion of wrestling as the main business, but in its commercial activity is also essential the distribution of merchandise, films, video games, and other products associated with this mode of struggle. Its business success has been so remarkable that its shares have been integrated into the New York Stock Exchange.

This business group has absorbed other wrestling-related businesses. Its headquarters is located in the city of Stamford in the state of Connecticut in the United States, and its head and founder is the developer of professional wrestling Vince McMahon.

The television program WWE Raw is coming broadcast since 1993 and is a success of hearing

Every week professional wrestling fans have a TV appointment. They enjoy a live broadcast that is transmitted from different countries of the world. Each program has a duration of three hours, and during this time, the wrestlers are the real stars of the show.

Each fighter represents a fictional character

In traditional combat sports, each opponent presents himself to the public with his own identity. However, in WWE the stars become a singular character. In wrestling jargon, we talk about tough guys or hells and face or technicians. This aspect turns professional wrestling into a curious mix where theatre, performance, and sports rivalry are combined. In a wrestling match, staging and plot are as crucial as the final result of the game.

  • Dean Ambrose is one of the great superstars, and his character represents a lunatic villain (in the past he was part of a trio of wrestlers known as The Shield).
  • Brock Lesnar comes from football and mixed martial arts practice. The character he represents stands out for his intimidating screams and a provocative attitude towards his opponents.
  • John Cena is a veteran professional wrestler with a career of great success. In his career, he has represented several characters.
  • Randy Orton has been WWE Champion on several occasions, both individually and in pairs. One of his most popular nicknames is “The legend killer,” and as a character, he has been an icon of the fierce fighter.

In this show, there are also mythical wrestlers, and the winner of the competition becomes the WWE Divas Champion. Some of the superstars are Kelly, the twin sisters Brie and Nikki Bella, Natalya Neidhart or Beth Phoenix.