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PLW’s 20th Anniversary Retrospect
A look back at the first 20 years of Power League Wrestling.
On the panel: Amazin’ Jay, Maniacal Mark, Carlos Arenas, Dr. Heresy and Matt Storm.

1. Early Days, part 1
Cody’s OWF, PLW Begins, Influences, The First Ring, Jay A, Ruthless One

2. Early Days, part 2
Those Other Guys, How Long as it been?, The Last Boricua, The Squashes, The Family Jugmano,
The Luther Express, Meet the D’s, Mark’s Entire Family

3. A Big Step Foward
New Home, The Turning Point, Storm Kelly, The Defector, Good Evening Wrestling Rap,
Some of the Best in New England, The Lethal Legend, Scott Thomas

4. The Throng & The ‘Roller
Young Reggie, Aristotle, Don Juan, The Tryout, The Doctor Is In,
Steamroller’s in Power League?, The Sit-In, The Fat Guy & Big Smudgy Cool

5. The Many Masks of Carlos
Soldier Unmasked, Let’s Name Them All, Yup! That’s Me!

6. “Mr. Hall of Famer” Tony Atlas
Mr. Atlas Goes to Woonsocket, Jay’s Alma Mater, The Gathering in the Lockerroom, Y’all Want Me to Sing?

7. Famous Faces (and Heels)
The Heartthrobs, Johnny NXT, The Local Guy, Ever Hearr of Little Guido?, He’s Got Spirit,
Dropkick Incident, Who’s Your Daddy, Chikara Crew, Hamrick’s Hijinks

8. Rising Stars
Vinny Marseglia, Brandon Webb, Matt Magnum, JT Dunn, Golden Burke,
Perry Von Vicious, Mini McGraw, Taeler Hendrix, Luscious Latasha

9. Favorite Moments, part 1
Shane vs. Paul – PF96, Matt’s Special Suplex, Da Thug Defeats the Doctor, Eight-Man Tag Match – August 2005,
It’s Not Pinfalls Anywhere in Cumberlandfest, The Limousine, It’s a Slip-n-Slide, Cena Classic

10. Favorite Moments, part 2
Flying Clipboards, Junkyard Jive, I’m Literally Crying, The Glammed, The Super Slide,
Mark? Mark?, Maniacally Stunning Match, Daddy Doink Squirted You!

11. It’s Like Home
It’s a Homecoming, Gary Apollo, Matt and His Grandfather,
The Next Generation, Be My Tag Team Partner, Thank You

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