Results – May 2, 2004

Results from May 2, 2004

Saint Edwards School – Brockton, Ma.
Benefit show for the Jarrod Drew Memorial Fund
Over $2000 was raised, making the event the most successful PLW fundraising event

Ring Officials: Tom James, Zac Carter, Rich Bass

Opening video for Power-Fest 2004
National Anthem performed by Haley Arruda
Four-Way Match
Derik Destiny def. Riot, Kid Pyro and The Kreeper

Tag Team Title Match
Chris Blackheart & “Punisher” Don Vega def. E.o.S. to win championship

Intergender Tag Team Match
Paul Lombardi & Athena w/ Rachel Brooks def. Chris Venom & Sarah Sullivan

Flag Match
“American Eagle” Shane Simons & Matthews def. Jason “the Slasher” & “Lethal” Paul Lauzon w/ Gina Marie

Doink def. Hi-Lite Kid

Matt & Kyle Storm def. The Score (MCAS & SAT) w/ Gracen P. Alexander & Valerie Dictorian

Lightweight Title Match
Mike Paiva w/ Mercedes def. Champion Irwin Quincy w/ Gracen P. Alexander & Valerie Dictorian via D.Q.

Brickhouse Baker, Lance Silva & Shawn Candido w/ Lexxus def. Big Daddy Kahuna, Mighty Moco & Terry Thomas w/ Julius Sweet

World Title Match
Derik Destiny def. Dr. Heresy w/ Maniacal Mark and Kid Krazy to win the championship

Triple Threat Tag Team Match
X-Foundation def. Mike Bennett & Dominic “Dice” Gambino and The McGraws

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