Results – June 22, 2008

Results – June 22, 2008

Results from June 22, 2008

Lees Pond Park – South Attleboro, Ma.
Part of the South Attleboro Lions Club community fair

Ring Officials: Willie Jackson, Tom James, Zac Carter, Rich Bass

Nicholas Night def. Evan Siks – Watch this match

Alex Payne def. Gregory Edwards – Watch this match

“Mad Dog” Matt Storm def. Amazin’ Jay – Watch this match

“Defenseman” Derek Molhan def. Mr. Wrestling VI – Watch this match

PLW World Title Match
Champion “Punisher” Don Vega def. T.J. Richter – Watch this match
View the note on this match below.

Pier 5 Brawl: five-way elimination match for the vacant PLW New England championship – Watch this match
“Defenseman” Derek Molhan def. Nicholas Knight, Alex Payne, Matt Storm and Chris Blackheart

Note: During the match, referee Rich Bass seemed to be very lenient on the rules but only in favor of Richter. Near the end of the match, Richter pinned Vega, with Vega’s leg clearly on the rope, and Bass counted three and called for the PLW championship belt. PLW officials at ringside noticed this and sent referee Zac Carter to restart the match. Bass refused but Vega did continue using his finisher and pinned Richter for Carter’s three-count. It was revealed later that Rich Bass is now aligned with Richter, Matt Storm and Evan Siks. A decision on Bass’ status as a PLW ring official will be made later this week by PLW officials.

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