Results -December 17, 2006

Results from December 17, 2006
“2006 Power-House Brawl”
West Warwick High School Gymnasium – West Warwick, R.I.
Benefit show for the Kyle Knowles Memorial Scholarship.

Ring Officials: Tom James, Zac Carter, Rich Bass

New England Title Match
T.J. Richter def. Duke Maximum, to win championshipWatch this match

Tim Kilgore w/ Trixie def. Derik Destiny w/ Tammy the Schoolgirl – Watch this match

Tag Team Title Match
Champions Extreme Heat def. The Kreeper & Iraqnid w/ Taeler and The Kreep – Watch this match

Don Vega w/ Cookies vs. Vain, double count-out – Watch this match

Nick Steel, Sonny Goodspeed & DJ Baron def. Dr. Heresy, Kid Krazy & Chris Venom – Watch this match

Gary Apollo def. the Pink Assassin – Watch this match

PLW Title Match
Champion Jason “the Slasher” def. Chris Blackheart, by D.Q. – Watch this match

Power-House Brawl: – Watch
Wrestlers draw numbers earlier in the day. The numbers represent the order of entrance. The men who drew #’s 1 and 2 will start the “Brawl”. After one minute, the wrestler who drew #3 will enter. The wrestler who drew #4 will enter a minute later. And so on, until all the wrestlers have entered the contest. A wrestler is eliminated when he is thrown over the top rope and on to the floor. If the wrestler lands on the apron and successfuly re-enters the ring without touching the floor, he will be allowed to stay in the contest.

Results from the Power House Brawl

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