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This article appeared in the East Bay section of theProvidence Journal(Nov. 25, 1997)

Of mats and men
Wrestling fundraiser benefits athletic fund at Our Lady of Famima High School.


WARREN — Wrestlers with names like Maniacal Mark and Jason “The Slasher” duked it out in the ring Sunday at Our Lady of Fatima High School and helped raise $300 for the school’s athletic fund.

About 150 people paid $3 a pop to stake their claim to a seat along ringside and watch nearly 25 wrestlers from Power League Wrestling, of Lincoln, put each other in headlocks in the “Power-House Brawl: The War in Warren II.”

“It went okay this year. We made a little bit of money,” said Joe Sassi, athletic director at the school. “The kids who did come seem to have a good time.”

Ann Marie Harty, who handles public relations for the school, said, “The money will be used for soccer, both boys and girls, basketball, volleyball, in-line hockey, and cheerleading.

“It will also be used to help defray the cost of uniforms and equipment.”

Last year, the original “War in Warren” raised almost $800 for the athletic fund, Sassi said.

According to Harty, these wrestlers travel throughout the state and use their drop-kicking and head-butting antics to help schools raise money.

The brawl — reminiscent of the World Wrestling Federation’s Battle Royale featuring Andre the Giant — starts off with two wrestlers. Then, wrestlers flow into the ring at one minute intervals until the squared circle is overflowing with wrestlers — literally.

The object of the contest is to eject a wrestler from the ring. But there’s one condition. The wrestler must be thrown over the top rope and onto the ground.

The brawl will be broadcast on public access television, Sassi said. People interested in watching the brawl should contact their local cable operator for times, he said.

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